Project Governance & Project Management Office (PMO) Leadership

Organizations need a connection between Operations and project groups along with structured, consistent and meaningful flow of information between these two groups. Lack of this can lead to the organization’s objectives not being communicated to the project groups or not being interpreted correctly by the project groups. As a result, measurements made by the project groups cannot be related to these objectives.

Project Management Offices, or PMOs, provide the governance that organizations need and drive project value.

Successful Projects For Leaders fills the PMO gap for companies by providing them with our VirtualPMO™ services. We not only develop standards and practices directed at the effective execution of projects and the attainment of schedule, cost, scope, and quality objectives, but we also communicate enterprise-level objectives to the respective project groups in the most-appropriate way for them to follow and communicate project information to management to determine if efforts are efficient and effective, if projects are still the best ones to support strategic objectives, whether there are performance issues associated with meeting objectives.

As a core part of this role Successful Projects For Leaders will assist your firm in:

  • Identifying opportunities and needs
  • Selecting which projects are to be undertaken to best meet objectives and needs
  • Selecting which projects are to be terminated or deferred due to performance issues or non-compliance with objectives
  • Establishing project priorities
  • Projecting revenue and effect on cash flow
  • Resource Prioritization
  • Aligning projects with strategic objectives to ensure that projects are contributing to growth, competitive advantage, revenue, cash flow, or other objectives of the organization
  • Evaluating the value and benefits of projects to the organization
  • Evaluating project benefits vis-a-vis predicted risks
  • Ensuring balance among projects in the portfolio to provide the optimal mix to protect and enhance the organization’s future
  • Provide oversight for all projects, including monitoring against established criteria and advising Management of status and issues that would affect the planned benefits of the project
  • Project manager competency development

Project Governance and the Virtual PMO

Research from Gartner, Inc. suggests that organizations who establish enterprise standards for project management, including a project office with suitable governance, will experience half as many major project cost overruns, delays and cancellations as those that fail to do so (M. Light, T. Berg, “The Project Office: Teams, Processes and Tools,” Gartner Strategic Analysis Report, 1 August 2000).

The only way to ensure that standards are established, communicated, and enforced on an enterprise-wide basis so that project governance can be conducted relative to strategic goals is to elevate project management to the strategic level. This also reduces the failure of management to establish cross departmental coordination toward goals for products, services and customers which appears to be the major hurdle with many organizations.

When the success of your project is critical how are you going to ensure its success?
The answer is simple — Contact Successful Projects For Leaders Consulting