Distressed Project Rescue Services

What are a company’s choices when a critical project is having budget, schedule, quality, or other challenges? A critical project means abandoning the project is not a viable option. Even if it were, would the organization be able to recover from abandoning a potentially costly investment? What will investing more and more money into the project gain the organization if the underlying causes haven’t been identified and corrected? At some investment level a point of diminishing marginal returns will be reached. The best solution is to contact Successful Projects For Leaders to determine the root cause of project distress, formulate a viable turnaround strategy/emergency action plan and manage the turnaround of the project.

While each case is unique, our project rescue process usually involves the following steps:

  • Situation analysis – A non-biased, third-party evaluation of the prospects of project survival
  • Emergency action plan – this is unique to each project and depends on the nature of the challenges and their magnitude
  • Re-baselining – Assuming the project can be rescued, the schedule, budget, and other aspects of the project will be re-evaluated and baselined to serve as metrics for monitoring and control
  • Evaluation and restructuring of Project Plans – Most challenges occur due to deficiencies–deficiencies in the process or with the management of the process. A gap analysis is performed to identify deficiencies in the process and those deficiencies are corrected
  • Management – Successful Projects For Leaders Consulting works with your incumbent project management team to meet the redefined performance objectives
  • Project Termination and Closeout – Project reaches successful completion, changes are internalized as part of a lessons learned strategy that encourages the project team to regain confidence

Project Rescue Teamwork

In those cases when the project has been destabilized or when the project has been allowed to continue for too long of a time without financial, schedule or quality monitoring, the prospects of the project may be too bleak to continue as is and another strategy may be appropriate. SPL Consulting can work with the organization to develop the subsequent strategy.

When the success of your project is critical how are you going to ensure its success?
The answer is simple — Contact Successful Projects For Leaders