Project Management Process Improvement

SPL Consulting bridges the gap between operations and project management for organizations that rely on project success for the overall enterprise.

Projects must:

  • Be aligned with the organization’s strategy and goals
  • Be consistent with the organization’s values and culture
  • Contribute in some manner to a positive cash flow for the enterprise
  • Effectively use the organization’s resources, both people and other resources.
  • Not only provide for current contributions to the organization’s health but must help to position the organization for future success

These cannot be accomplished solely within the project group domain. Coordinating our activities with senior management, we can perform a number of functions to minimize project failure and maximize project success.

Project management is a process and there is a specific framework that all projects should follow. If your projects do not meet any of the criteria above chances are there is an underlying problem with the process. Here are only a few additional qualitative metrics to consider to determine if your project management needs improvement:

  • Your implementations or product developments consistently require more investment, more time, more attention, more problem-solving and/or more rework than you had anticipated, had originally planned or than suits your comfort level
  • Your clients haven’t been satisfied (or are becoming dissatisfied) with the quality of work they’ve received due to missed deadlines/milestones or misunderstandings between them and your project teams regarding the scope of the work they had paid for
  • Your projects seem to control you and your project teams instead of the opposite
  • Your project teams aren’t able to give you a monthly comparison of hours and dollars expended versus hours and dollars planned or progress to date, there is an underlying problem with the process

Plan Do Check Act

A number of factors usually exist that contribute to a deficiency in the process and all must be addressed in order to tune the process. Frankly, many of these deficiencies are easier to spot and communicate up the chain by a third-party. SPL Consulting will perform a complete analysis to identify those underlying causes and correct them.

Project management isn’t a process that is only suited for engineering or software organizations. Any organization that conducts projects–either internally for themselves or externally for a client–can realize the financial and competitive benefits obtained by using well-conducted project management. If your organization has no formal project management structure in place SPL will assist you in implementing one.

When the success of your project is critical how are you going to ensure its success?
The answer is simple — Contact Successful Projects For Leaders Consulting.