Welcome to Successful Projects for Leaders Consulting

Other professional services firms do something for you. We help you do everything better. At Successful Projects For Leaders, we focus on one thing: helping leaders achieve their goals by improving the process for managing projects.

As a leader, you are responsible for results: increasing the top line, improving efficiency, reducing cycle times, managing risks, reducing costs. Embedded in these big picture issues are numerous projects, and the success or failure of these projects will determine whether or not you achieve your goals.

Successfully managing projects is something top-performing organizations excel at; it is also something that any organization can learn to do better. At SPL, decades of experience has taught us why projects succeed and why they fail. We leverage this experience to work with management to standardize and improve their organization’s process for managing projects: from planning to execution to monitoring and assessment. The beauty of the SPL approach is that it can be applied to projects in any area of the organization—from IT to finance to marketing and sales to HR—and applied to cross-functional projects.

The SPL approach can be adopted by any organization, large or small, for profit or non-profit, new or established,and we have particular expertise in health care, information technology, government contracting and engineering. Unlike large consulting firms, however, SPL is structured for the unique needs and budgets of mid-sized organizations.

Among other things, the SPL approach:

  • Provides you with the tools to prioritize and plan projects effectively. Just because a project is market “complete” doesn’t mean it was a success. The planning phase must include goals for quality, timeframe, budget, and resources. A project is successful only if all of those goals are met.
  • Provides you with a standardized, repeatable framework for managing, executing, and monitoring projects. This common framework and language keeps everyone from senior leadership to management to individual project managers on the same page with regard to where projects are at any point in time and what corrective action, if any, needs to be taken.
  • Provides you with the means to continuously improve their process for managing projects, so that over time the organization becomes better at everything it does.

Executives have come to realize that projects are the basis for future profitability of their firms and this has raised awareness to how projects are being managed.

If you could cut up to 50% of your project costs and add that back to your bottom line, how much will you have saved in one year? in ten years?

If you could finish your implementations more quickly and have more certainty about when they’ll finish what implications would that have to promises made to your clients and to your overall competitiveness?

If you could finish your product developments more quickly and have more certainty about when they’ll finish how many more months of sales revenue could your realize? How would a First-Mover advantage affect your overall competitiveness or the ability to capture what ever windows of opportunity you set out to?

If you could control your projects better instead of letting them control you what possibilities would that open for you?

When Projects Are Poorly-Managed or Not Managed At All:

  • Projects are conducted that do not deliver the promised benefits
  • Projects are conducted that are not in sync with the goals of the organization
  • Projects are taken on that have excessive risk
  • Projects get approved solely because of the political power of the sponsor

Leading To:

SPFL Time Money Quality

  • Projects that are failing at early stages still being continued until total failure is recognized
  • Projects that should be income-generating but end up being cost burdens instead
  • Projects whose schedules slip so badly that any windows of opportunity are missed
  • Projects that drain valuable and scarce resources, prohibiting other projects from being conducted and generating huge opportunity costs

Successful Projects For Leaders helps companies eliminate wasteful costs from their projects and add those to their bottom lines.

The SPL approach is customized to the unique needs of each organization. For an initial consultation, please contact us at your earliest convenience.